About Me

I was born in Trás-os-Montes, Chaves. My mantra is “LIVING and not being ashamed of being HAPPY (taken from a samba song by Luís Gonzaga do Nascimento Júnior). For me, life is like this: a passion! I live with this emotion in everything I do. The joy and the rhythm are two equal parts, like samba. I love to spread and be induced by this energy.

The certainty of "NO" leads me to constantly fight for a YES, and I have been like that since I began to understand myself as a person. I believe that I can change THE WORLD. These are my biggest mottos in life.

My secret is to not be afraid to take risks; I love a challenge. I don’t like things that are almost right, almost straight, almost anything.

My grandfather Francisco used to say, “Those who want – scavenge”, so I grew up with the notion to “SCAVENGE”. I didn’t have the essential things that other children had, like sweets, filter colors to paint, etceteras, and I wanted them too, so I needed to find a solution quickly. I had to earn money, so I went to “SELL YOGHURT CUPS” with a plan to re-name them “Plant of Happiness” for the Chaves market on Wednesday. Looking back, I realize even at a young age I was implementing Marketing techniques to capture customers. I didn’t like the name, so I decided to change it. The fact is that I started a business when I was only 7 years old.

Additionally, the ability to “Make it happen” is a force that has guided me my whole life, a lesson from my grandmother Aurora, “Love only grows by sharing”. You can only have more for yourself by giving it away to others. As a result of this childhood lesson, helping people and giving has always been my practice, for pure pleasure so I set goals for myself and fight for them every day. I have a real fascination with people. The tremendous pleasure and immense joy that I feel at the end, when working with people who for some reason did not realize that just wanting, and above all, believing, they can truly be touched, they can fly really high and achieve incredible results. It is surprising to see their evolution and development.

“Seeing people evolve and be able to be more and have more, makes me truly HAPPY. Helping and contributing makes my soul bigger.“

The Coaching and NLP among many other training and certifications within Leadership, DiscProfile Certification and development of high performance people and teams, have always been present throughout my professional career. Approximately 20 years in the pharmaceutical industry, from the base as a medical information delegate to sales director and senior business unit manager, I have acquired extensive experience in commercial functions. I have experience in all areas from defining strategies, coordinating and implementing them to setting up and developing high performance teams, and creating professional environments that capitalize on inclusion and diversity. The strong experience in the highly competitive pharmaceutical market gave me the ability to work with teams whose focus was to achieve exceptional results. I have always managed different stakeholders and different brands.

In 2010 I was absolutely blessed with an Individual Coaching program whose 3rd session was the incredible discovery of “my life mission”. I already felt it, but it had no name, and on that day everything was clear and simple. The development of people is effectively what makes me overflow with joy.

People’s development is my passion.

Since then, I haven’t stopped training and looking for the best in the COACHING area. I immersed myself deeply in the International Coaching Certification with my reference in Portugal, Jorge Coutinho, where I started the transformation of my life! Lastly I went to Tony Robbins, who needs no introduction, where I underwent my total and profound transformation, to levels of excellence in learning that completely filled me up: UPW, Date With Destiny, Mastery University, Business Mastery, and Knowledge Broker Blueprint.

Today, as a Coach, transforming people in their best version makes me feel fulfilled. It is a blessing to me. Helping people to be really happy, to cope well with the adversities of everyday life whether professional or personal, to manage the complexity of relationships, is my purpose. Love and family are the most important pillars of the human being.

I always impress a positive attitude, high standards of rigor and a lot of energy in everything I do.

I believe that living has to be intense, LIVING of LIFE and not one that simply passes through you.

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