Being happy is only your decision.

What disturbs us is that human beings are dissatisfied by nature. We are never satisfied with what we have or who we are.

We always want more.

Wanting more money, a better job, a better house, a better car, or a more beautiful body causes personal dissatisfaction that makes us feel like we can never achieve those desires. When we get something we want, we soon find a new thing we want more and the feeling of dissatisfaction comes back because we don’t have what we want again. At the very moment when we begin to be grateful for what we have and who we are and accept what we do not have, we become much happier and feel better about life.

So the question is: How can we adopt this model of being thankful?



It is so simple that it makes me think, “Why don’t we put it into practice, daily?” Cultivate the power of gratitude. For example, instead of thinking that the other person’s car is better than yours, start to appreciate the fact that you have a car and remember that many people do not have this comfort.

Instead of complaining that the food was bad, appreciate the fact that you have food to eat knowing that many children in the world do not. Only a few people are in the habit of always appreciating food before eating it. From the moment we start to appreciate the things we have, we start to give them more value instead of taking them for granted. This practice of appreciation helps us to realize how blessed our lives are. When I say appreciate, I mean internal appreciation, feeling truly grateful for everything: what you have, who you are and what you can achieve in your daily life.

During the hours of thought about yourself, because negative thoughts may come, start to appreciate. I am grateful for having a house to live in; I am grateful to have food to eat; I am grateful for the family I have, etceteras. If you believe in God or in any other superior force, you can appreciate things during your moment of prayer every night. For example, I am grateful that I can bathe with hot water, for the bed I have to sleep in, the house where I live, the food I eat, the family that loves me and the friends that are in my life. Lately, I have been thinking a lot about gratitude so more thoughts of gratitude occur to me during the day.

Gratitude in Bad Times

To appreciate the good things we have, the house we just bought and our new car is a very easy task. Life is good, we are fine. To appreciate when things are bad, or when we are in a situation that causes us pain, is a difficult task. Having an attitude of gratitude in times of turbulence in our lives makes us increase our knowledge of what it is to live. We all have hard times: illness, divorce, the loss of a loved one, or having been fired can make us angry or sad. This is when we tend to think: “Why me?”, “Why did this happen to me?”. It is in these moments that we must see the positive point of each situation and we must also be grateful for their existence. It is the difficult things that make us evolve. We can always learn lessons. We only have to analyze the situation so we can understand the life lesson.

I was often angry. I felt pain and sadness and it still happens today. The difference is that today I have learned how to better deal with the difficulties and to perceive what lesson I learned for the next! Now I see each situation as an opportunity for personal growth and development. This effectively makes me stronger. And so, today I am grateful that these problems are part of my life. Being grateful for the good things that happen in our lives does not mean that life is perfect.

If your life is full of difficulties, such as an illness, for example, it is important to recognize that if you have someone to help you cope with that moment of pain, that is your reason to be grateful.

Benefits of Gratitude

Today it is known, through various studies, that gratitude is also highly beneficial for relationships and health and when you set your focus on gratitude you will feel joy and meaning. You will feel fulfilled!

Psychological Benefits:

A higher level of positive emotions

More alert, alive and awake

More pleasure and joy

More optimism and happiness

Surely, by putting gratitude into practice on a daily basis, we will feel happier and more fulfilled. However, there is more that we need to put into practice, that we need to introduce or change in our lives!

I will only mention them because everyone knows their benefits, the question is, do you practice daily?

Here are some daily practices that can lead you to be happier:

01./ Meditation

Even if it is only five minutes a day, the practice of meditation helps us to be more present, focused and open.

Meditation helps us to understand how our minds work and prevents us from going on “autopilot” and making decisions that are not always the best. For beginners in the practice of meditation, the best thing is to choose a quiet space for a few minutes, preferably at the same time each day. It is important to be aware of what happens just at that moment, focusing on the breath. If a thought occurs, such as “I have to pay a bill” or “I need to call X”, or so many others that may occur, try to empty your mind and concentrate on your breathing again. Breathe deeply and relax.

Happiness is possible, we have to be aware that it requires work.

It is important to train the brain as you would a muscle!

02./Food and Hydration

The variety of nutritional programs and diets and processes that we can use today are endless, the important thing is to be aware that “We are what we eat”. The evidence increasingly shows us which way to go. Removing processed sugar from our lives must be a very firm purpose. That goes for saturated fats, alcohol and soft drinks. We must try to make food as natural as possible from purchase to cooking. Hydrating our body is essential, given that the constitution of human beings is on average about 60% water, whereas the brain, muscles and heart are made up of 75% water. We all know the benefits of good hydration, and above all how to look for information, I will just leave you with some very useful links so there are no excuses! Make it a daily habit to drink water! Learn how to prepare the best and healthiest meals for the whole week in two hours here with my dear friend Cláudia Crespo and her wonderful service.

And as there can be no lack of Functional Nutrition, so I strongly recommend Dr. Rosa Pires, who helps us quickly reach our goals regardless of having a basic disease to control, or just wanting a healthier life, aligned with your purposes.

03./Physical Exercise

It is indisputable that the practice of exercise is good for health, both psychologically and physically.

It doesn’t have to be high competition or taken to extremes, just do whatever you feel like to “Move”, the watchword is MOVE YOURSELF! With these variables in place, the conditions are right for us to be happier! Break with those less than good routines that you still have and introduce new habits.

I am here to give you strength and help you to be truly happier!

Every day you can do a little more to BE more!

To Be Happy Is TO BE! So:

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