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DISC® is a personal assessment tool used to examine human behavior. It looks at how people prefer to act and communicate.


DISC® measures observable behavior and emotions and categorizes eachperson’s way of acting and communicating. After complete profile analysis, it issues a report with relevant data ontheclient’s bahavioral skills, namely in the follow in gareas:

The history of DISC

In the 1920s, William Marston, PhD in Psychologyat Harvard University, developedthe DISC ® theory to explain the emotional reactions of human beings. In his book “The emotions of normal people”, he describes four main behavior types, which gave DISC® its name:

Dominant (dominante): Controle, poder e assertividade.

Influencing (influência): Comunicação e relações sociais.

Steady (estabilidade): Paciência e persistência

Conscientious (Conformidade): Organização e estrutura, detalhe.

Practical application of the model

Well known and used by professionals who work with people management and human development, the DISC ® Methodology  is based on the identification of predominant behavioral traits in each individual. The goal is, if we know the main behavioral trends of a person, we have more grounds to make decisions and make analyzes and be more successful.

With information on behavioral profiles , the DISC ® Methodology allows, in addition to assertiveness self-development, a more just analysis of the human being. The DISC® Methodology is based on valuing the main characteristics of each profile. The knowledge about profiles brings this clarity of characteristic and allows us to understand in which development points it is worth investing energy and what are the requirements that do not make sense for each type. It is essential to outline individual development plans (IDPs).

Benefits of DISC®

The direct benefits that the DISC test results bring to you, your team and your organization are:

· Self-knowledge
Enables the person’s self-development in their personal and professional life.

· Meet and understand the next person
It increases the perception and knowledge of other people.

· Assertive communication
Facilitates teamwork. Build relationships and reduce conflicts.

· Team
building Teams more qualified to develop, sell and serve.

· Leadership development
More effective management by better understanding your team’s dispositions and priorities. It builds trust and cooperation.

· Offers a common language for change
Helps increase emotional intelligence and build organizational resilience

Better relationship with subordinates

Better relationship with the boss

Better relationship with peers

Increased level of job satisfaction

Increased commitment to the company

Results of applying the DISC ® methodology

Performance increase, since its potential is properly exploited.
It allows you to find the behavior factor that stands out in your personality, which directly impact so thers, and in each individual’s decision making, to help you in your personal development, which contributes to the development of relationships and your professional area.

Shall we practice?

How coaching can help you to shape your behavior to communicate assertively

We have seen so far that our behavior reflects the way we are in life. And this way of showing ourselves directly interferes in our relationships, both in our internal and external communication. Only those who have deep self-knowledge know where they are and where they want to go. For this reason, coaching can be the missing partner to your personal development.

Invest in this human development methodology and become much more effective.

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