Only for people who want to expand their potential. High performance athletes and professionals don’t only want to achieve more goals or make their time more productive. 

They want to challenge themselves
and go beyond their limits.

High performance means the perfect balance between body, mind and spirit in line with a life purpose.

It takes ambition, focus, dedication and persistence, but that alone is not enough. It is the purpose that will move you from the normal state to the high performance state. The High Performance Coaching process, based on the assumption that people know more than they think they know, but they are not aware of it. People do not always have or use resources in an appropriate way to increase performance, therefore, appropriate questions, useful and powerful products produce more positive and lasting results than timers, orders and commands. Every failure or deficiency (point A) represents a learning opportunity to get to point B.

When a person literally recognizes their flaws or deficiencies (self-acceptance), typically they want to change and wanting is the first step to power and action. Challenging goals, grand and achievable goals (SMART), bring out the best in people, however, most ignore them. In this sense, the High Performance Coach is able to recognize what kind of emotion helps or hinders the person’s development and identifies what can be done immediately to change it. In High Performance we work with practical and established methods: research, reflection, individual awareness, realistic and honest feedback, alliance and action plan. 

Without tools and methods, the coaching process falls into mediocrity and is just a conversation.

In High Performance Coaching we use method and focus, goals and objectives in order to stimulate the ability of the individual Coachee (client) to take responsibility for their own results. 

The role of the High Performance Coach is to facilitate the reflection, awareness and learning of the person or professional subjected to the Coaching process so that they can reach a new level in search of exceptional results.
For this, it is necessary to identify points for improvement, design actions, establish challenging goals, generate a sense of urgency, expand the degree of responsibility and manage evolution.

High Performance Coaching is challenging  and is based on the assumption that people are already at a high level of awareness. However, they can better exploit their potential, something that requires accurate technique, knowledge and many hours of practice with the Coach. 

High Performance Coaching is not for amateurs.
It is for professionals who know themselves in depth and apply the tools and techniques of Coaching in an appropriate way in order to guarantee a higher degree of satisfaction.

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