Mentoring is a partnership between two people with different levels of experience to learn and develop. It applies to both individuals and companies.

Mentoring is always relevant at any stage of your career, but especially:

In transition

A new job

A new position with any considerable change in terms of liability

In moments of reflection on your career

Willingness to progress to another professional level

When there is a need to develop certain skills and increase performance

It is a process where a personal development methodology is applied in which the mentor helps someone who, for various personal reasons, wants to evolve and reach new levels of personal or professional achievement.

At the core of Mentoring is a relationship that develops between both, which allows the sharing of ideas and perspectives and confiding knowledge and experiences, leading to the stimulation of reflections and mutual perceptions of new solutions and opportunities.

perceptions of new solutions and opportunities..

Who is it for?

Mentoring is intended for all individuals, whether in a personal or professional context, who want to analyze and consider their current and future career.

The Process

The mentor works to help you make better analyses, draw conclusions and develop actions to achieve better results. The mentor will challenge and inspire you to get out of your “comfort zone”, making the learning process faster.

The process of mentoring usually requires a monthly session in order to allow the professional to put into practice, in its real context, actions and techniques made available.

One key condition for success is confidentiality, to ensure a relationship of trust where all matters can be addressed spontaneously and naturally. No judgments. The other fundamental condition is to define clear objectives for what one wishes to achieve.

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