Understand the concept and how to use it to your advantage

Our mindset is the way we organize our thoughts and decide to face day-to-day situations.

Sometimes we don’t realize it, but our set of mental attitudes says a lot about our behavior. The way we reflect on a particular situation and especially how we decide to act after this personal analysis, can determine our success or failure.

That’s because there are three types of consequences that can happen from our mindset: positive, neutral or negative. Our mindset shows our optimistic or pessimistic way of facing different situations in life and how we behave in the face of them. In other words, we can say that it works as a mirror to our soul, which portrays the way we see the world and also what our response to our thoughts is.

Much more than a simple personality trait, it is a (re)definition of all our experience. After all, our experience, in some ways, always interferes with our decisions.

Fixed mindset

People who have a fixed mental activity are resigned people who accept the conditions that are imposed to them. “This is fine with me.” “Why would I want to change my life if I can pay my bills? This way just fine.”. These are some of the thoughts of individuals with a fixed mindset. It’s typically a profile composed of insecure people, who often doubt their own capabilities.

They also commonly tend to believe that they cannot develop new knowledge or skills. They think, “If I am not gifted in something, how am I going to develop?” All these characteristics lead us to a very great stagnation because every obstacle is seen as an insurmountable barrier. Often, this difficulty is not even that great, but overemphasizing problems is also something that defines the fixed mindset.

Growth mindset

Members from this division don’t just believe in their abilities, but also know that they can develop other talents, if they are engaged in it. Optimism is one of the main qualities, in addition to truly believing in a transformation. Some common thoughts to the growth mindset are: “No situation is so good that it can not be improved.” and “I’m not happy with my current situation, so I will fight to change it.” Persistence can also be defined as a strong aptitude. The idea to apply, to do and to come back again to do it again, never give up, and more than that, learning in with each of these errors, is one of the growth mindset’s greatest virtues.

How our mindset
directly influences the results:

The recipe for achieving success in life varies greatly.

To achieve the results we expect, we must have the mind in balance. Only the one who moves can get to where he wants, seize it, and learn whatever is necessary. We can never be satisfied with the knowledge we carry, nor with the position that we occupy because we want to progress, because progress is growth.

Whether you agree with these ideals or not, you are always being influenced by your mindset. We hope, for our own sake, that the way of thinking that guides us life is the progressive one: one of growth.

Use the mindset to transform difficulties in opportunities

Usually a great opportunity does not usually arise more than once. There is also no way to choose how or to know the moment when it will appear. Sometimes, it can be camouflaged by an obstacle in our path, just to test our persistence and to ensure we believe. So it is essential to be prepared to take the bus when it passes. This, in fact, is the big question that defines who the winners are and which ones fall by the wayside.

How to turn a difficulty into opportunity in three tips:

Look for inspiration

Everyone who has enjoyed success has at least one thing in common: they’ve gone through a turning point in their lives. At some point, when everything seemed lost or was stagnant, they decided to act. Is it easier to accept the conditions that present themselves to you? No doubt. But do they meet your goals? This is the question that you should ask yourself and answer. Find examples of people who never gave up moving on and conquered everything they wanted.

It will not be hard to find this source of inspiration, for all true champions have faced adversity and have a story to tell about it. It’s up to you to choose which side you want to be on: The side of those who have overcome obstacles and adversity and achieved victory or those that at some point have given up and stalled.

Believe in your potential

If your source of inspiration could manage to get you where you wanted, why wouldn’t you use it?

That is obviously possible. Your source of inspiration is made of flesh and blood and can help you reach your goals faster and help you go further. By identifying and analyzing the obstacles and difficulties that you have already faced, you can avoid them in the future. The most important thing is to trust your capability and be sure of your potential. No matter how complicated the situation is, never give up. Even if people tell you that you are unable to continue, go ahead.

And when you think you have no more strength to fight, find one extra dose of energy within yourself and continue the path.

energy within yourselves and continue the path.

Don’t let opportunities pass you by!

With good inspiration in your head and all confidence in yourself, it will be much easier to dive into opportunities that arise.

And don’t worry, it is normal to be afraid at first. The unknown is always challenging, but I know that you will succeed.. Don’t forget, if you commit a sin, it is better by excess than by omission. We have reached the moment of taking a journey through self-knowledge to see what your strengths and weaknesses are so you can face opportunities with more insight and a higher probability for success. Leave all beliefs that limit you aside and ask yourself: do you prefer having a fixed or a growth mindset? Only one of them can help you to see that in the face of difficulty there may be a great opportunity waiting behind it.

Success is available to everyone, but only a few people are willing to face the challenges, make the crossing, fight and believe to achieve it.

What a positive mindset is and how can it benefit you

Can you tell whether you are in the fixed or in the progressive mindset?

You have also realized that the progressive, as per the definition of the word, offers us a greater opportunity to grow. After all, a person who is always open to new knowledge and is willing to learn has more room to evolve than someone satisfied in the place where they are. For example, we facilitate the visualization of the two types of mindset.

Imagine a company that has just offered two internships to students. Although that company admitted two candidates to the internship, only one will be hired at the end of the first six months. While one is interested and loves asking questions about how each organization’s process works – going far beyond what was asked of them – the other carries out the proposed activities, but is much more concerned with getting the grade he needs on the internship to graduate from college. Which one do you think that will get the job? The first, of course. Despite the second being competent, they are just thinking about the present and can not understand that the internship can be the his first job in the future. The most curious candidate saw this possibility and had been going beyond the basics. It is not a question of a profile being better than the other, but what the real perspectives for both of their lives are.

Tips for forming a positive mindset

Shall we practice?

We know that there are two types of mindsets and they differ in how they impact our lives. What I didn’t explain is how a fixed-minded person can evolve into a growth mindset thus achieving a positive mindset.

Answer the five questions below and you can begin to change your thinking and start investing now in optimism.

What is your current status?

Nobody gets to a new place if they don’t know where they are.

When you buy a plane ticket, you need to know the airport of origin and then define the destination. To find the answer, you must take the path of self-knowledge. And if you really want to change the way that you see the world, to see it in a more positive way, this is where your journey begins.

How can you improve?

Continuing on this voyage within your inner self, you know specifically what your strengths are, right? No one is ashamed to hide their virtues and gifts. And what are your weaknesses, your points for improvement? Knowing your vulnerabilities is also a sign of greatness and that will certainly contribute to the development of a more positive mindset. By being aware of what can be improved, a gigantic universe of opportunities opens up.

How can you find the necessary motivation and focus?

Being aware of who you are won’t help at all if you do not have the motivation and focus needed to achieve your goals. In order to build a winning mentality, it is crucial not to hide in the face of any adversity. This mood will make you move forward, in pursuit of your ideals. And the commitment to achieving your goals is an excellent strategy for not giving up.

Why not dedicate yourself more?

After all, waiting will make the results show up, right? Not at all. Don’t expect anything to fall from the sky. Do it right and reap the rewards.

Do miracles exist?

Of course, for those who dedicate themselves tirelessly to chasing their dreams. You can have the certainty that the more sweat the shirt, more inexplicable phenomena happens in your life. Basically, the explanation lies in your dedication and positive thinking.

What goal do you want to reach?

The moment to buy the ticket plane has arrived. Do you already know the destination? To which country do you want to fly? Where do you want to be in a few years? That’s what you need to decide. Travel agencies or friends can indicate a direction or the itinerary most used by tourists, but the choice is yours alone. Everything is in your hands.

How can coaching help you shape a positive mindset?

We have seen here that your mindset is nothing but the way you face life and that this manner interferes directly in your actions.

You just need to ask yourself the most important question: What do you want from life? It is a difficult question to answer, no doubt, but those who know themselves can find that answer more easily. Only those who have deep self-knowledge know where they are and where they want to go. Therefore, coaching can be the missing partner to create a positive mindset.

Invest in this human development methodology and view life with different eyes.

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