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A healthy relationship depends on values such as love, affection, respect, trust and friendship. I help the couple to cultivate and strengthen these feelings that many times are left behind due to stress and daily routines.

Through Relationship coaching, I help the couple or family to establish good communication and deal with feelings in a more balanced way. Fostering flexibility and valuing each other is what is really important.

Likewise, when one of the partners is not well, the relationship is also damaged. Therefore, during the sessions in relationship coaching, I work with coachees’ negative feelings, such as insecurity, low self-esteem and shyness. In this way, everyone feels better prepared to deal with the relationship.

The goal is to reach emotional balance and to better deal with the situations that are imposed on them on a daily basis. They are able to identify unconscious behavior and thoughts that may be damaging their relationships. I help the coachees to find a dialogue for the resolution of conflicts, to manage emotions and to build the relationship with common goals.

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